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Digital Transformation (DX)

In 2019 Forbes reported in their article “100 Stats On Digital Transformation And Customer Experience“, that one of the top benefits of digital transformation are improved operational efficiency.


Digital Transformation (DX) is the process of Integrating digital solutions that significantly change how the business operates & achieves goals.


Digital Transformation (DX) can increase operational efficiencies:


  • Reducing or eliminating delays in workflows

  • Automating business processes

  • Creating real-time visibility of the workforce

  • Improves business relationships and foster collaboration

How it Works



Full Digital Transformation Consulting

Complete digital solution adoption from A-Z

Ready to adopt a digital solution but not sure where to start? I will learn your organization’s goals and formulate a digital transformation strategy to implement a digital solution. I will guide you through each phase of  the transformation from choosing the best digital solution for your organization to rolling out with fully trained staff and streamlined business processes.

Post-Implementation Consulting

Already have a system in place but need some assistance?

Do you have a digital solution in place, but have not fully implemented it, or you have a new project that needs assistance? I will review your business process to digitize and streamline processes. This also includes training staff and stakeholders to effectively use digital technologies.

Analytics & Reporting

Want to measure and review your organization’s operational efficiency?

Data and metrics provide a method to not only measure how well a task is being performed, but can also identify areas for improvement. Based on your organizational goals, I will discover and formulate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) through data analysis to present insights and recommendations for business operations.



The only feedback I have is positive, you have been such a great support system for this program.  You communicate clearly and provide us with timely feedback.  Even in the webinars you give you are confident and knowledgeable.  Always willing to learn other business processes and how we can use the system to complete them.

Lisa Jones

IT Business Analyst I
Comparative Medicine Program, Vice President of Research | Texas A&M University

When I first needed to launch this new Database, I had not worked with anyone from a different country. Whilst technology has made communication easier than it has ever been, there were many hurdles I needed to approach and overcome. When you came on board, you were pleasant and positive and willing to involve yourself in our teething problems. 

Your ability to work across teams is a strength not everyone has. I'm impressed with the way you work to ensure stakeholders…are kept informed and satisfied.

While assisting us in problem-solving, your approach to these is always professional and kind. You are a pleasure to work with.

Sue Duggan 
Information and Process Coordinator | Database Administrator
Biological Resources | The University of Queensland

Working with you has been a very positive and constructive experience. You are friendly and supportive and enjoyable to talk to. From a support aspect, you are prompt in following up on any request that I or we make, including dropping everything to schedule a Zoom to help us out. Similarly, you provide creative solutions (e.g., programming) to help us achieve our goals. In collaboration with you, we now have automated invoices and fully use the functionality of [laboratory animal software]... I honestly did not have a favorable impression of [laboratory animal software] until I started working with you. I would recommend it to other institutions – especially if they could work with you.

Diane Ament

Director of Research and Regulatory Affairs, Research Des Moine University

It is a pleasure working with you!  You have always been easy to communicate with and have gotten answers to my questions and problems quickly.  In addition, you have been able to explain things in a manner that is easy for me to follow and understand.

Keiko Sampson

Animal Caretaker, Des Moine University

Our working relationship is definitely a pleasant one. Every time I have called/emailed for assistance you have been such a great help. I also appreciate that you have never made me feel uncomfortable or hesitant to ask questions when figuring out the software. Because of the great service you have provided I have recommended [laboratory animal software] to several other of my colleagues.

Jennifer Santos-Silguero

Veterinary Technician IV Irma Lerma Rangel School of Pharmacy | Texas A&M University

About Us

About Us

Gennifer Caesar, Digital Transformation Consultant and founder of Vivalytics Consulting, whose primary goal is to help organizations become data-driven and close operational gaps through digital transformation to secure operational efficiency.


Through working with various research institutions and organizations in the laboratory animal research industry since graduating from Cal Poly Pomona with a B.S. in Animal Health Science in 2012, Gennifer, came to the realization that there is a lack of knowledge surrounding the importance of using digital tools to increase operational efficiency. From this realization and a strong desire to make a difference, Vivalytics Consulting emerged.


She has worked closely with academic institutions, private sector organizations and pharma-research organizations alike, using her skills and knowledge to help transform them into becoming data-driven and improving operational efficiency.


Gennifer’s goal is to help those who need to utilize real-time data solutions to mitigate common vivarium challenges in a more timely manner. 


Besides helping organizations transform, Gennifer can be found on any given day enjoying the outdoors with her loving fur baby, Nola, a rescue pittie.


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